Below you will find a wide array of interesting and educational links that we feel will benefit your understanding and knowledge of your dental health.

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay – Early Childhood Caries, also referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, can be very harmful. This website addresses prevention and is also geared toward promoting awareness.

Baby Teeth – Learn what to expect during the teething process and how to take care of your little one’s teeth.

Braces and Orthodontics – Not just for kids!


Brush Up on Healthy Teeth – A few of the most common FAQ’ s regarding good oral hygiene.

Canker Sores, Cold Sores, and Common mouth Sores – Canker Sores, Cold Sores, and Common mouth Sores – Just some of the things we look for when we do your exam.


Dental Emergencies – Find tips for preventing accident and injury to your teeth. Learn what to do when an accident does occur.

Dental Sealants – Learn how we can help prevent cavities in your kids’ teeth.

Diabetes and Oral Health – The most common oral health issues associated with diabetes. Check out this article for additional information regarding these issues.

Dry Mouth – Have you noticed you have less saliva in your mouth than before? It could be caused by the medications that you’re using.

Fluoride in My Water – Find out if fluoride is in your water as well as aditional FAQ’s regarding fluoride.

Gum Disease (Gingivitis) – A complete resource full of facts, symptoms and more about gingivitis.


Oral Cancer – Great resource for information associated with detection, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of oral cancer. Resources include information for the public, care givers, and health care professionals.

Silver (Amalgam) Fillings

Smokeless Tobacco – Smokeless tobacco use in the United States continues to increase each and every year. Just because it’s smokeless does not mean it isn’t harmless. Here are some facts you need to know!

Tooth Colored (Composite) Fillings

Tooth Whitening (Bleaching) – Great information on the different types of tooth whitening.