Our family practice has it all. Dr. Johnson and his staff are well trained with the newest technology available. We have state of the art equipment including:

Digital Panographs

digital-panograph2With a larger viewing area and more detail, these x-rays allow us to examine your whole mouth with minimal radiation, including teeth, cysts, tumors, and other oral pathologies.


Digital Radiographs

digital-radiograph1Digital radiographs, or x-rays, require up to 90% less radiation than with conventional film type x-rays. A dental digital X-ray system can take a picture of your tooth and immediately show it to you on a computer monitor while you are in the dental chair. This facilitates quicker treatment and less time waiting in the chair for all of our patients.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detector

laser-cavity-detectorMore and more patients are placing a greater value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to keep them in tiptop shape, the earliest possible detection and care is essential. DIAGNOdent is a laser system that detects cavity lesions at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve more tooth structure.

Intraoral Cameras

intraoral-cameraImproving patient education not only empowers you to see how your smile can improve, it also helps you receive the most out of your investment. The biggest challenge for many patients in accepting treatment is that they may not completely understand the treatment plan. With an intraoral digital camera, patient education is simplified by being able to help our patients see what we see inside their mouths.

Patient Comforts

We work with fully computerized charting systems to help update your records more efficiently and accurately. This allows us to communicate with specialists and care providers electronically, which saves our patients a lot of the work and time involved in trying to coordinate care.

We want to give our patients the best care possible, but we also want them to enjoy being in our office. That is why we equipped all of our chairs with 26″ flat screen TV’s. Not only does this help in giving our dentists a better way of explaining what is going on, but it also gives our patients access to 100′s of channels to watch during their visit.